We are set in the geographical centre of Portugal, a huge territory of pine tree that stretches through an impressive landscape that comprises the splendour of the quartz crests of the Moradal and Alvelos Mountains and the deep valleys excavated by the ancient persistence of the water streams that enlarge the Zêzere river

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Plunge into the Pinhal Interior, the green centre of the country. An area ruled by nature, where pine and arbutus thrive. Where the steep ridges of granite stand out proudly defining a landscape that hide valleys of clear and untouched streams and brooks. The Great Appalachian Route and other footpaths that accompany the meanders of the river Zêzere offer you a unique opportunity to stroll around. We love the serenity of birdwatching and the adrenaline of mountain biking. For centuries we have preserved history engraved in the shale and the rich gastronomy of the memory of our grandparents.

Accept our invitation. Come and explore! Our heritage is waiting for you.
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Around us, you will find more than 100 km of walking routes, all perfectly identified and signposted, to get to know the best kept secrets of the county. Explore the Great Appalachian Route (GR38), follow our section of the Great Zêzere Route (GRZ) or get lost on the local routes (PR) of Estreito, the Orvalho geological route or the one surrounding the historical shale village of Álvaro.
Álvaro is mandatory visit. The shale village painted white, Álvaro appears like a white wall that extends in a promontory with a breathtaking view over the meanders of the Zêzere. The peculiar geography of the place gives it a character of impregnable fortress but it also hides an enviable heritage of 7 chapels and a Roman bridge as well as signs of the Templar occupation. The religiosity of our people still manifests itself in the main churches and the Misericórdia de Oleiros or the Church of Estreito are of particular interest due to their architectural features.
Monumentos em Oleiros
gastronomia do pinhal interior
We are set in a territory of great food heritage where the traditional local cuisine is a treat and a way of keeping alive the memory and knowledge of our ancestors. The exclusive cabrito estonado (a local dish of roasted goat goat) stands as the king of our kitchen, where the sausages such as maranho, roast beef and rabbit are also highlighted. The shaley waters of the rivers also provide grilled trout and bass. Sweeten your meal with handmade recipes of honey cake, corn porridge, filhós and tigelada . Dare to taste the Callum, an exclusive white wine of Oleiros or, if you feel adventurous, take a sip of the traditional brandy of Medronho.
Due to the ancient landscape of mountains and valleys, Oleiros is part of the territory of the Naturtejo Geopark, thanks to the impressive geological evidence that creates geosites of exceptional heritage value. Visit the Portelo site or the Penha Alta quarry with its fossils engraved in stone, or the quartzite ridges of the Zebro and Orvalho which offer breathtaking viewpoints. Discover the Fraga de Água d’Alta, the largest waterfall in the region, the gorge of Malhada Velha or travel through the meanders of the Zêzere river.
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